Hey!! Welcome back, so this set will be done in a series because each topic is extremely important and needs to be touch upon will detail. With that in mind I’m going to have a list and let you know exactly what the 5 trends are.

5 Trends to look for this years

1. #Selfie Stations (This Week)
2. Deskless Front Desk
3. NFC Payments
4. Customer Experience
5. Technology

These are the topics we will talk on. Well that i’ll talk on and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about. With any of my blogs i want you to interact, let me know what you want to hear about. If ever you’d like to have me research anything, all you have to do is leave a comment letting me know.

The Selfie Station

This week, we discuss the selfie stations. This fun new trend comes from an idea that has taken on popularity at wedding receptions. It used to be that most wedding receptions featured a photo booth; we’re loving this updated spin on the old photo booth idea: the selfie station.

Basically, a photo booth without walls, selfie stations at the reception are a simple way for guests to take photos of themselves and share them with the newlyweds. For your salon, what more exciting thing for a customer to do than take a selfie at a station in the salon itself and share it via social media with all their friends! This requires only some basic technology. It’s actually more decoration work than technology effort, but this concept would not work well without good technology: a good digital camera, capable WiFi, and interaction with Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and the like. For this blogger, it is the first time I have been able to talk about Snap Chat; my younger friends live by Snap Chat.

#selfie station trends

Setting up one or more selfie stations can be a breeze. You just need a small area and some decorations for the #selfie taker to add to their photo. Then just add selfie stick.

And, if you’d like more information or are looking for a demo, just contact us and we would love to talk.