Salon Manager: Experience Better Salon Chain Software

      Experience better.  With over 8 years of expertise and running in hundreds of salon outlets, you can trust Salon Manager to run your business.  Salon Manager is a quick and easy-to-use software and point of sale solution that runs in your browser.  Easily and closely manage your salon outlets.      

Sales Register

An easy-to-use web-based point of sale system for salons with multiple outlets – dummy proof screens make it simple to checkout your customers.  Secure EMV (chip reader) card processing.

Staff Scheduler

Schedule stylists and staff easily across multiple locations.  Prevent needless costly overtime hours.


Full featured time clock system, allows staff to work at multiple locations in one day.

Appointments Booking

Customer and Appointment Management – complete with email notifications. Take the next step to website customer book now, or even tie to a Iphone and Android app.

Gift Cards

Put your salon in the wallets of customers everywhere with branded gift cards. Integrated with Mercury / Vantiv./ WorldPay

Customer Promotions

Offer discounts and special offers to loyal customers and track promotion performance.  Optional loyalty card (eg get the 10th one free) tracking.

Inventory Management

Salon owners know keeping tabs on inventory requires a huge balancing act. Your stock of your retail and backbar products, must be sufficient without running out or tying up too much of your budget.

Secure Card Processing

Are you using EMV chip readers yet? We support EMV processing. Process securely and efficiently with Mercury / Vantiv and avoid chargebacks.

Your Datamart

Optional module to put all your important sales data at your fingertips so you can analyze trends.

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