Credit Card and Gift Card Processing

Our services offer you a choice of leading credit card processors for easy payment processing: via DataCap Systems or WorldPay (recommended)
via DataCapWorldPay

Smarter, Faster, and Easier Card Processing Services.

Salon Manager makes it a breeze to process credit card and gift card payments. You can even work with smart phone payments, as well! Check out some of the attributes for this service below.

Integrated Solution

Connect your point of sale with your management platform, then you would have a better experience for you and your company. Learn new information from recent transactions about your consumers, and find out which ones are the most potential, credit-wise. You can even understand market trends and product positioning.

Secure System

Despite payment methods evolving everyday, there is nothing more helpful to you and your business than using EMV chip friendly hardware. We provide integrated and cost effective EMV chip processing solutions that will make payment processing easier for card payments. Create a more secure payment environment in your store, therefore reducing any risk of having your systems breached. These chips are great, because they can help reduce fraud risk for your customers and avoid large charge-back fees.

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