Summer Time

Summer is Here!

The weather is warming up and with that means the buildings will too! When it comes to the summer weather, you want to be prepared.

So don’t forget to do the yearly maintenance to your AC unit, you don’t want it to go out before it even kicks in.

But seriously, with summer coming in quick (finally) remember to brush up on this seasons looks so you can consult and give your clients exactly what they are looking for to stay on trend!

And for those that are in the nail business, keep track of the summer designs, practice anytime you get a chance that way you can offer great looking and long lasting nails. This will make a new customer into a repeat customer.

But mostly remember, with the new weather comes those that are looking for a deal, so get out those email campaigns and prep your new season promotions. And start planning your summer event’s!


There are multiple different ways to attract customers during the summer. From pop-up events to hosting paint and sip parties. We’ve talked in the past about how not every event needs to bring in money, some need to just get your name out there.

So plan at least one event per month and start promoting them as quickly as you can so as to get as many people to attend as possible.

And don’t forget to also plan the decorations and provide food and drinks, plus if you network properly, you can bring in other vendors, such as jewelry makers or make up sellers, and make this whole event a big bash.

Here To Help

If you are looking for help with sending out, designing or even just brainstorming ideas. Give us a call or request a demo and we would be more than happy to help!