No one likes getting or sending emails. It makes us feel like we are bugging our customers. On one hand we are, and on the other we are just reminding them that we exist. So, with that in mind here are 9 reasons why Email marketing will be your key strategy this year.

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1. A Channel That is All Your Own

This is probably the only channel you own right out. One social media’s to get your message spread wide and far, you have to pay. On t.v., radio, and other outlets this is the same idea, that in order to let others know of your business you must pay the company you want to use.

With email you can ask everyone and any one you come in contact with if they will subscribe to your business email list. You can do this with a signup in store, with a subscribe button on your website( I know you saw mine(please subscribe)) or even by just asking them as they check in (make sure you let them know why you are asking).

This is the easiest way to let your customers know what is happening in your store.

2. Gauge Effectiveness

Not only is this the easiest way to let customers know whats happening, this is also the easiest platform to gauge effectiveness on. Any good booking system will also come with email marketing Campaigns, these campaigns will keep track of both how many emails were sent and how many were opened. This way you can see just how many customers are being engaged. You can use this to see what type of advertisement works best and to send out email surveys to find out if there is anything your customers have issues with in your store. (Remember we talked about surveys? No? Follow this link to read about them)

3. Lead Generation

This is also a great way to find leads for new clients. If you do a pop-up event you can get emails for potential clients. Pair these emails with a new special and you have now gained new prospects.

4. Human Engagement

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As non personal as this may seem, emails are very much about human engagement. Your goal is to help them feel as if they are already part of your team or that they are very close to being part of your team. Getting them from the email to the store is the goal for each and every campaign you send out and to do this you have to engage with your audience.

Companies like One Third have a huge email following. They also listened to their customers and created a German and Italian subscription just for those that have been asking for it. There was a human interaction between the company and its clients.

5. Email is Symbiotic

Along with sending these emails you should also be on social media. The two go hand-in-hand. They work together to allow you to talk and have that interaction. If a customer say something on your Facebook or Instagram feed you have the opportunity to reply to their concerns through email.

6. Increase in Website Traffic

Salon Manager email  Template

This was Made on Mailchimp, if your looking for a place to easily make a newsletter. This can easily integrate in with your list of emails and as you gain new ones through their sign-up forms and templates they will automatically be added to your email list. These newsletters and campaign emails will help to increase your website traffic.

More than 50% of U.S. respondents check their personal email at least 10 times in a day. This is their preferred way to receive brand updates. And 99% of consumers check their email daily.

7. Guaranteed Delivery

If a customer is voluntarily giving you their email, they most likely want to hear from you. I’m sure they would love to get coupon and discount information, especially if they frequent your store. This means they are giving you an email that they have direct access to either on their phone or personal computer.

8. Better Staying Power

Email, unlike social media doesn’t disappear quickly. An email sits there until the user deletes it. This staying power means you are more likely to be seen and of the numerous times they check their email yours is more likely to be opened and used.

9. Emails Cast a Huge Net

Email has a larger platform of followers at both Facebook and twitter combined. Where as Facebook has 2.23 Billion Twitter has
336 million while Email (yahoo, google, and outlook combined) has 3.8 billion users.

As you can see email marketing is a necessary tool in your marketing portfolio. Sending out the best Emails and the most effective campaigns can increase your ROI, website traffic and connect you with your larger audience as a whole. So when your planning your quarterly marketing strategy remember to add email marketing to your list of available options.

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