Beards, most men want them, but only a select few have them. And only a more select few take care of them. When you talk to any hair stylist or Barber, there are a couple of things that need to be done to ensure a full, long and healthy beard.

Washing your Beards

Lets start at the beginning, beards like any other hair on your body can become dry and brittle if not properly taken care of. Many of the products we use everyday to wash will cause this dry and brittle feeling. This includes face and hair washes. When washing your beard we have found that using a wash designed specifically for it, allows your beard to grow and flourish as it should. So here is one of our favorites, from Badass Beard Care . They have a couple different options for you and even give you a break down of what is in their product.

man washing his beard

Beard Wax, Balm or Oil

With the various different products designed to give your beard different results. We looked once again at Badass Beard Company to see what they provide, here are some of their options.

They have a Beard oil, that will condition your beard while relieving the dry, itchy skin underneath.

They also have beard balm,used to tame beards, while also relieving the itch and dandruff. This is also used to help promote beard growth.

Finally they have Beard Wax used to promote a solid, stylish look while providing a strong hold and cohesive shape.

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And again Badass Beard Care provides some unique and amazing results with every product you use.

In the end, whether you use the Badass beard Care or not, anything is better than nothing when it comes to your beard. If you are taking the time to grow, it you should take the time to groom it. Beards are the big 2019 trend and hopefully here to stay. So enjoy your beard and take care (of it).