Hair Brushes are a dime a dozen, there are great brushes and terrible brushes. I would love to say that I’m the absolute authority on brushes, but I’m not. I can only talk abut brushes I’ve used myself as a consumer, and as a consumer these three are brushes I’ve loved at various times in my life.

1.) AVEDA Wooden Paddle Brush

Designed with extended bristles this brush has “help with blow-drying” written in its core. Aveda made this brush light weight and ideal for smoothing hair during the blow-dry process. The brush is designed with a bristle missing in the bottom middle to allow drainage and to keep it from pooling water inside of itself. If you are in the market for a new brush here are two purchasing links. Aveda hair brushes  

2) Kareco Tangle Buster

Have a head with lots of tangles in front of you? Here is the brush to use! This brush has been designed from top to bottom with detangling in mind. The brush gently massages and glides as it detangles. Preferred by those with sensitive scalps, this brush protects from breakage and damage. Some of the other features you will find are: Snag & Tangle Free Rehydrates, re-conditions and restores hair’s natural moisture balance Ideal for Wet & Dry Hair Multi- Color choice.
Here are the buttons to purchase these ! kareco hair brushesKareco hair brushes

3.) FHI Heat Stylus

The Platform Stylus Pro Thermal styling brush is your all around smoothing,volumizing, and curling brush. (and much more). With 6 rows of short sturdy nylon teeth, this brush will leave your hair smooth and tangle free. Temps from LOW 260°F to HIGH 420°F for safely styling any hair type High-Performance Ceramic Heater FHI hair brushes fhi hair brushes
As you can see these are different types of hair brushes, and even though there are millions out there, here these are the three i love them most. (Currently 😉 )   If you already have your brush chosen, don’t worry about it. At the very least our system can help you track any brushes sold or used for your salon so you can see for yourself, which is the best.