Roles Settings

When you are creating a new user, you may have noticed that there is a drop down menu near the bottom of the Create New User page that reads Role.  This will assign your user the type of account they will have. If you wanted to examine your current roles and their permissions, click on the settings header, and find Roles

From here, you will be taken to the Manage User Roles page, where you can examine the roles, the amount of users for each one, and their individual descriptions.

Here are the default roles:
Administrator: Has full control over every aspect of the site.
Support: Can handle day-to-day management, but does not have full power.
User: This is the default user with access to login, punch, make sales.
Developer: Developers typically are the only ones that can access the developer tools. Otherwise identical to Administrators, at least until the site is handed off.
Location Admin: Has near full control over their locations.
Portal User: Users that login to the employee portal
Reports User: User with reports access – use for Corp Staff
Franchisee/Manager: Franchisee or manager that owns or runs a franchise location group
User And Scheduler: Regular user, plus has access to scheduler for their locations only.
Manager: Manager that runs one or more locations, can login anywhere to view reports and do scheduling for their locations.
Manager Owner: Used for integration with other sales systems
If you want to create a new user, click on the New Role tab in the top right.

You will then be able to create a new role type, and create a description for it.You can even have the option to make it default, and to never be deleted.

If you wanted to check on the specific permissions for a certain role type, click on Permission Matrix.

Here is the top page of the matrix, organized by the Settings Pages in alphabetical order. Some users are already permitted to delete items, to view certain reports, and to specify prices, etc, while some do not have permission for these abilities.

You can edit these whenever yo