Support/POS Setup

With the support page, you can examine your user information, such as your ID, name and default location. Your support contact, those who you can get help from or make an inquiry to, can also be seen on this page.

Suppose you want to also set up your POS systems. On the bottom of that page is the POS Setup link, which will then show you the option of PC configuration, as well as the expected hardware associated with our services.
The systems listed out can be tested, and the instructions can be reviewed on the right hand side in the .zip files.
For setting up the Init Terminal that was received, click on the words, and then click on the new button that reads “Intialize (Param Download)”

In order to make sure your test button is working, make sure to have your Windows setting properly configured. First, go to Turn Windows Features on or off, then go to Internet Information Services, then to World Wide Web Services, and then go to Common HTTP Features. From there, these items need to be on,
Default Document
Directory Browsing
HTTP Errors
Static Content