Salon Manager Features

With Salon Manager, you get much more than just your typical salon POS or spa POS. Check out these features:

Modern Point of Sale


Beautiful, fast checkout process.

Works on any device, so you can sell more products and offer the ultimate customer experience.  Salon Manager uses the latest mobile technology to make the checkout experience fast and easy for both you and your customers. Get out from behind the counter.

Easily add products to the sale, search customers or product information in a flash, quickly add new customers, and apply discounts by line item or total sale. Salon Manager has a user-friendly, intuitive sales process that your staff will pick up in minutes.

Advanced user permissions.

Switch between outlets, registers, and users for each sales session. Easily customize role permissions to align with your store processes and keep sensitive data hidden and secure.

Customizable taxes.

Our highly customizable tax settings let you run stores in different tax zones with ease. Just set a tax or group of taxes for each of your stores, or set individual taxes for different products.


Lift your inventory turnover rate.

Reorder based on specified stock levels, and adjust reorder points and restock levels to make sure you never have too much or too little stock on your shelves.

Be in control of your inventory.

At your fingertips are stock-on-hand, low stock and popular product reports to guide your decisions.

Stay on top of your inventory counts.

Easily perform full or partial inventory counts, schedule them in advance, perform multiple counts at the same time using multiple devices, and download comprehensive discrepancy reports to help you keep accurate stock levels.

View your stock across all locations.

You can perform inventory lookups and check product levels at others stores directly from the point of sale. Managers can transfer items from other locations, which automatically adjusts inventory at both locations.

Export data.

Export your inventory data to spreadsheets to use it however you like.

Extensive Reporting

Customizable and flexible.

Build your own reports using a wide range of variables, and use filters to get exactly the information you need to see how your stores are performing.

Get your sales on target.

Set goals for your team and identify your top performers with daily, weekly or monthly sales targets. Your sales team can also track their performance against those targets to see how they’re performing.

Live sales reports.

View up-to-the-minute sales reports for your cashiers, outlets, retailers and customers.


Report on your inventory by product type, date, tag, and supplier.

Export data.

Export report data for sharing or importing into your accounting or ERP systems.

Strategy and Customer Relationship Building

Easy customer management.

Build and manage a contact list of your customers. View a full history of purchases your customers have made. Export all customers and account balances for reporting or marketing emails.

Create new customers during the checkout process.

Easily add new customers at the point of sale, or import them in from another platform using a CSV file. Add custom fields, social media accounts, rich text description, and an email address to send receipts.

Loyalty rewards.

(coming soon) Customers can earn loyalty points on every qualifying purchase, redeem them against future purchases, and easily see their balances on receipts.

Manage Staff

Schedule staff across multiple locations. Track timepunches. Watch overtime. Prepare payroll. Manage Commissions and increase sales.

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Custom Tailored Gift Cards

We work with Vantiv to provide custom branded gift cards for your salon chain. Manage gift cards and see breakouts in reports.

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