desk-less front desk area

Top 5 Trends for Salons 2019

Each one of these items on the radar deserves some thorough attention and thought. I will spend the next 5 weeks on each of them.
Here is the list:
1. Selfie Stations
2. Desk-less front Desk (This Week)
3. NFC Payments
4. Customer Experiences
5. Technology Hardware
Now that we’ve talked about Selfie Stations, Lets talk about:

#2: The Desk-Less Front Desk

While this trend sounds scary, it’s really quite simple. . Going desk-less refers to removing the physical barrier between the front desk professional and the client, allowing for a more personal experience. By removing the desk and having a central table that the customer can go to, you are allowing space for them to unload and creating an atmosphere where it feels more natural for the employee and the customer to speak.

desk-less look

Keep in mind the employees should still have a tablet or computer that they can retrieve information from, but these electronic devices shouldn’t be the focal point.

 In a mobile-minded world, customers already expect an engaging experience. By going desk-less this allows them to feel like they are working with the employee one-on-one and getting that experience. Without the front desk clients never have to go from that personal feeling of talking with a “friend” to the impersonal feeling of having had work done. This allows stylist to continue that trusting relationship from the moment the client walks in, until the moment they leave.

This can place salons and spas in a league of their own, no longer feeling as if they have to compete with the box retail hair cutter. By creating an open, inviting space, we are helping the customer to feel at home and as you’ve now read, when we remove the desk this allows employees to deliver the most spectacular experience a client could wish for.